• Personality Development Camp(PDC)

    In May vacation PD Camp is organized for the school students for over all development of their personality & way of living life.
  • Guru Vandan Chhatra Abhinandan

    on the auspicious day of Guru Poornima( Vyas Poornima) students of the schools & colleges do poojan( adore) of their Gurujis ( Teachers) & Acharyas( Principal) as a mark of respect & who enlighten the lamp of knowledge in their life.
  • Bharat Ko Jano( Know India ) Quiz Competition

    This a general knowledge competition. More than 300 Questions Answers Booklet is prepared about the subjects cover like Epics of India, Religion of India , History & Culture of India, Modern India. Political India. Women of India, Geography of India, Business of India & Young India. This competition is carried out at School Levels & college level. Even the parents & members of the branch likes to take part in such type of quiz competition. This is also a national projects so winner team take part from branch to state & then to national competition.
  • National Group Song Competition

    Patriotic songs are undoubtedly very important for increasing and nourishing patriotism within the youth of the country. World history clearly shows that during the second world war these types of songs were responsible for keeping the European soldiers motivated and away from demoralization. During the war of Indian independence, freedom fighters devoted their lives singing " Mera Rang De Basanti Chola " , "Door Hato Eh Duniya Walo Hindusthan Hamara Hai." & " Vande Matram" & many more.

    Recognising the importance of patriotic music and songs Bharat Vikas Parishad motivated school & college students and organized competition every year at first at branch level & then to regional level & then to State level. Winner team of the state takes part in National Level Competition. For this a book entitled " Chetna Ke Swar " has been published which contains easy to sung & motivating patriotic songs.
  • National Sanskrit Group Song competition

    In cultivating a feeling of nationalism and in giving Sanskars to the youth of the country the role of songs is undisputed. Sanskrit is integral part of Indian culture. In a judgment given on 10th October 1994, the Supreme Court emphasized that the study of Sanskrit language should made compulsory to bring back the glory of our ancient culture.
    Keeping in view the above facts the Parishad has accepted "National Sanskrit Group Song competition " as a national project. For this a book entitled " Rashtra Geetika " has been published where more than 30 songs are given in Sanskrit.
    Every year many branches organized this competition at their level & then the winner team take part in Regional Level & then to State level & finally to National Level competition.
  • 10th July Bharat Vikas Parishad Foundation Day

  • Public awareness Programmes : Talks & Seminars.

  • Celebration of festival day

    Ramanvami, Janamastmi , Sharad Poornima, Shiv Ratri , Dhulati.
  • Conferences & Workshop.