Viklang Sahayta Kendra

Bharat Vikas Parishad has started Viklang Kendras(Centers) Ahmedabad,Guwahati,Hisar,Hyderabad,Indore,Kota, Ludhiana,Moradabad,Nagrota,Patna,Pune,Sanchor,
Exclusive Rehabilitation Centres – Gwalior & Lucknow.

Bharat Vikas Parishad Paldi branch started this Viklang Kendra in May 1998. This Kendra supply artificial lower limb, artificial upper limb, calipers, crutches, tricycle, wheel chairs to the need person so that the people of Gujarat can get these above articles at the doorstep instead of going to Jaipur for Jaipur Foot.

During the Earthquake in 2001 in Kutch - Gujarat we opened a workshop at DR. Hedgawar Hospital Bhachau for supplying artificial limbs to the Earthquake affected victims for six month with the financial support of Kalupur Commercial Co. Op. Bank.

We have the workshop at 22, Lower Level, Jaydeep Tower, Nr. Dharnidhar Derasar, Vasna, Ahmedabad – 380007. We are open from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM. For whole week. On Sunday Doctors and Executive members remains present for useful guidance to the needy person.

We at our workshop have trained Technicians & Social workers who take every care of the disabled persons in most gentle way.

Till 2019 March we have Donated Following Articles

No. Articles Names No. Of Person Benefited
1 Artificial Leg 3786
2 Artificial Hand 1238
3 Calipers 3565
4 Repairing 2267
5 Crutches 4327
6 Surgical Boot 619
7 Tricycle 869
8 Operation 20
9 Stick 701
10 Hearing Aids 806
11 Walker 220
12 Hand Gloves 21
13 Wheelchair 76
14 Trolley 12
15 Foot Drops 10
16 Others 1154
Total 19691

No. of Camps 145
Disability Certificate 219
S. T. Bus Passes 250
Viklang Tithi 506

We accept donation from the society to provide the Articles to the needy Handicap person.

No. Articles Donation In Rs/-
1 Calipers Single 2000.00
2 Calipers Double 3300.00
3 Surgical Boot 650.00
4 Walking Stick 300.00
5 BK Leg 3000.00
6 AK Leg 3600.00
7 Crutches 600.00
8 AE Hand 7200.00
9 BE Hand 6500.00
10 Walker 850.00
11 Tricycle 4500.00
12 Foot Drop 750.00
13 Caliper A.F.O. 750.00
14 Hearing Aid 1400.00
15 Wheel Chair 5000.00

We provide following Articles to the needy Handicap person.

We have now developed the well equipped workshop with a well qualified engineer & technicians for making Hi-Tech Prosthetics & Orthotics articles for the handicapped person.

  • Calipers Singles
  • Calipers Double
  • Boot
  • Walking Stick
  • BK Leg
  • AK Leg
  • Crutches
  • AE Hand
  • BE Hand
  • Walker
  • Tricycle
  • Foot Drop
  • Caliper A.F.O.
  • HearingAid
We also arrange camps at various places. How you Can Help To Our Organization
  • You can visit our workshop.
  • You can arrange camp in your area
  • You can send a physically handicap person to our center.

Viklang Tithi Yojana
Under which any one can donate Rs. 15551/- For a particular day(Tithi) ie. Birthday, Marriage Anniversary Day, Death Anniversary Day. So from the interest one article will be donated every year on that date . We will inform you in advance & the article will be given to handicap person by the donor.
Donations Are Tax Exempted U/S 80(G) of income Tax Act.

Viklang Jeevan Sathi Pansandgi Kendra:

Bharat Vikas Parishad Paldi Branch - Mahila Wings runs Vikalang Marriage Bureau. From Both side - Male & Female the form are been filled up & we help them to have their choice of life partner. Thus to feel happiness in their life.

Print this form & fill it completely and please send to the Viklang Kendra with the necessary documents & Rs/- 100 DD as registration Charge. After receiving the form we will inform you.

Vikalang Poonerwasan Kendra:

We have started Basic Computer Training course for Senior Citizen & House Wife. Also started training in Accounting software Tally ERP9 . For this Project “ Kalupur Comercial Co-operative Bank Limited ” donated Twenty Computers. 6 batches ,total 49 people took training in basic computer programme.

  • Dardi Rahat Kendra:

    Every Sunday we help the patient of the hospital in general ward( Poor People) by giving the prescribe medicine with 50% off.

    Bharat Vikas Parishad Generic Medicine Stores by Paldi Branch has started on 14th June 2014 where all type of A Grade Generic medicines are available at very cheaper rate. This project is very much beneficial to those people whom have to take medicine for life time.

  • Bal Sanskar Kendra:
    Right time to instill the qualities of morality, heroism, patriotism, etc. in a person is if they are instilled during the formative years of childhood. Their roots penetrate deeply and result in an integrated personality. Such qualities are clearly visible amongst the thousands of children who regularly attend Bal Sanskar Kendra - child development centers.

    Bal Sanskar Kendra inculcates qualities like heroism and nobility among children by the telling of inspiring stories from Vedic literature, as well as stories of contemporary heroes. A feeling of gratitude is the cornerstone of all moral and spiritual perfection. These centers teach children to be grateful to God, sages and saints, to one's country, parents, and teachers.

    Every Saturday young Boys & Girls from the nearby Seva Vasti( Slums) comes to the center to attend Bal Sanskar Kendra - child development centers where the growth of each child both mentally and academically is develop.
  • Medical Camps for the pilgrimages going to Dakor And Ambaji:

    Tabibi Sadhan Seva Kendra:
    After hospitalization patient has to take more care at home for the complete recovery. For that some medical equipment are necessary .We provide on rent base the following equipments. Contact Time From 9.30 Am to 5.30 Pm.
    • Oxygen Cylinder and Oxygen Concentrator
    • Water bed
    • Air Bed
    • Fowler Bed
    • Table Top
    • Wheel Chair
    • Chair with Komod pan
    • Nebuliser
    • Suction machine
    • Back Rest

    Cold Storage Coffin Box:

    I.C.U. On Wheel:
    We have now gone through a New Project I.C.U. On Wheel A.C. Ambulance Van fully equipped with Monitor, Oxygen Cylinder. Suction Machine etc. to shift the patient from Home to hospital or vice – versa. A.C. Ambulance van can shift the patient from Hospital to any part of Gujarat or nearby State. Contact No. 9227000108.